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Apart from its scenic character with the sea breeze, Astros is known for its history, from antiquity to the struggles of the Greek War Independence. The Kynouria Museum exposes findings from the archaeological sites in ancient Kynourian towns in a location linked with the historic 2nd National Assembly of Astros, which revised the constitution in the early years of the Greek Revolution. The Folklore Museum and the Museum of Olive complement the local character, highlighting the occupations and habits of the past.


The archaeological museum, or else the Kynouria Museum, is located in inland (Mesogio) Astros town and housed in the traditional building of the former Karitsiotis School, next to the site of the 2nd National Assembly of Astros in 1823. The exhibition of the museum includes significant findings and marble inscriptions from the Herodes Atticus’ Villa in ancient Eva (Loukou area), findings from the area of ancient Thyrea as well as objects of the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The museum yard contains architectural elements from the Herodes Atticus’ Villa.

Distance: 4 km (about 5΄)


In inland (Mesogio) Astros town teachers and students of the professional school (EPAL) initiated the creation of a notable folklore museum. The visitors can encounter daily activities, occupations and the total routine of a distant era. A farrier, a shoemaker, a tinker, a barber, a grower, a carpenter, a typical room of the time, a loom, etc together with everyday objects of the past awaken the collective memory of the cultural identity of the region.

Distance: 4 km (about 5΄)

  Of Olive 

Privately initiated, the Museum of Olive in Korakovouni village revives the old methods of olive oil production and processing, which is a characteristic activity of the region. Renovating the olive press facility of his grandfather in operation until early 1920s, P. Petropoulos gives recent visitors the opportunity to familiarise with specific workers and the local activity. The museum exhibits old machinery and other tools needed for the slow and laborious processing of pure olive oil in the past.

Distance: 10 km (about 10’)